Do I Need Dentures?

If most or all of your teeth are missing or severely decayed, dentures may be needed to restore your smile, health and speech. The dentists in our O’Fallon dental office design dentures that remarkably resemble natural teeth. Advances in dental technology provide us the opportunity to custom-fit dentures that restore bite function and allow you to eat the foods you love. If you have been living with missing teeth or older, poorly fitting dentures, the clarity of your speech may have been affected. These issues can be corrected and your natural speech can be restored with new dentures.

Depending upon how many teeth need to be replaced, we will discuss your options for replacement which may include dental implants, partial dentures or full dentures. You can read more about dental implant options on our dental implant page. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth while full dentures replace all of the teeth in the top and/or bottom arch of your mouth. Partial dentures are attached to your surrounding teeth with precision attachments or metal clasps. Full dentures are made to fit intimately over the gums. Dr. Logan employs the latest technologies in dentistry to provide dentures that look and feel more like natural teeth. Implant supported dentures are a relatively new technology, blending state-of-the-art materials and science to provide a bite so strong and dentures so stable that patients often mention feeling as though they have their natural teeth back.

Seek Help Immediately When There Is a Problem

If you have been struggling with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, we encourage you to call our office today. We look forward to working with you to restore your healthy diet, clear speech and confident smile through the design of new custom-fitted dentures. If you have been using dentures for a longer period, we may be able to reline your current dentures to create a better fit.

Please call our O’Fallon dental office at 636-561-5445 anytime for an appointment and consultation on how new dentures can restore your smile.

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