Smiling Patient Sept. 26, 2016

I had a long time crown that lifted off. I was so worried because I was leaving the country on vacation the next day. My message got to Dr. Logan and he met me at his office on a Saturday to reset my crown!! I just called to get an appointment for when I returned from vacation and his office staff and Dr. Logan arranged this and called me back to help me out! I was so thrilled and thankful! This is a true testament to Dr. Logan’s attention and care to his patients!

Smiling Patient May 15, 2014

Dr. Amorin at Dr. Logan’s office is wonderful!! I cannot say enough good things about him! He is very gentle and is always careful to ensure that I am not experiencing any pain. No one enjoys getting shots at the dentist, but Dr. Amorin does a fantastic job administering shots when needed. I would recommend anyone see Dr. Amorin!

Sho May 14, 2014

My review is about Dr. Logan’s office and the treatment I received. I had my teeth cleaned with no problems or soreness of my gums until later that evening. I felt something wasn’t right so I called their office some days later. Joy, scheduled me an appointment right away. I came in and Dr. Amorin checked out my sore gum in the lower left. He checked thoroughly and found a seed that was stuck in my gum. I had to think about it for a minute. I ate a sandwich with grains in it the same day I got my teeth cleaned. He stated he was glad I came in and so was I!! I immediately felt relief once the seed was dislodged and my gum felt better within a day or two!! Thank you Dr. Amorin for seeing me so quickly and getting me taken care of!! The entire staff is great and I always have a pleasant experience every time I visit!! They are very concerned about your overall health in regards to your teeth and gums. Whenever I have questions they give me honest answers and/or offer suggestions or alternatives. I would highly recommend this dental office to others!!!

Smiling Patient Feb. 11, 2014

I recieved dental implants for 6 of my teeth because of accidents many years ago, 4 front upper teeth and 2 lower molars.

I had concerns about the cost, but there hasn’t been a day since the process was completed that I didn’t appreciate the benefits. I spent years with higher priorities than myself, but I’ve not regretted my decision to go with the implants and Dr. Logan’s work.

They look good, feel great, and I’m not ashamed to smile!

SLC Sept. 1, 2012

The office staff was friendly and knowledgeable. My young boys and I all had cleanings. We saw Dr Logan for my boys’ appts and I saw the associate. Both were thorough and very friendly.

Smiling Patient Jan. 10, 2011

Dr Logan has been my dentist for 6 years, ever since we moved to Missouri. He is responsible for removing all of my big old English metal fillings and replacing them with lovely white porcelain. As far as my dental health goes, this was one of the best decisions I’ve made and thanks to Dr Logan, I’m reminded of it everytime I brush my pearly whites. Dr Logan is an excellent and skilled dentist, he is focussed on keeping his patients as pain free and as comfortable as possible during procedures. He is a keen listener and has a very relaxed and calm chair side manner which is re-assuring for those of us who are generally nervous about visits to the dentist.

Smiling Patient Oct. 15, 2009

I first met Dr. Logan when I was looking for a new dentist. I was really apprehensive and nervous because I’ve been with my previous dentist for many years. Dr. Logan catered to the needs of my concerns making me feel very relaxed. On a scheduled dental exam Dr. Logan wasn’t there due to the birth of his new baby so Dr. Burgdorf was standing in for him. The visit went quite remarkable and HE did an excellent job on the cleaning of my teeth. Which I was totally impressed that he took the time to do it himself. I am very particular about my teeth because I work in the orthodontic field at Bankhead Orthodontics! Would I recommend him? Yes, to everyone! I would also like to say that Joy at the front desk can handle all matters of the heart and the wallet all at the same time without blinking an eye! Love, Darla

Marc Oct. 15, 2009

I no longer fear going to the dentist!

Dr. Logan and his staff are always very cheerful and I feel like they really listen to my concerns. The office is very “”zen””-like and the atmosphere is very relaxed. During my most recent visit I was a bit concerned because with the exception of Joy, the usual was staff was out. Dr. Burgdorf took great care of me that day and made me feel at ease. His easy going attitude and sense of humor went a long way in calming my fears.

Also, I never have to wait more than 10 minutes for my appointments and my kids actually love going!

I recommend Dr. Logan to all my friends who complain about their dentists and want to make a switch.

Smiling Patient Sept. 8, 2009

Great dentist, great office. Our family was always satisfied.

E Orris April 28, 2008

I am so glad that I was referred to Dr Logan’s office. Every visit has been extremely pleasant and relaxing. The staff is very friendly and helpful

Smiling Patient April 28, 2008

I actually enjoy the visit to the dentist. Dr. Logan is very relaxed and casual. He clearly wants to take care of your needs and concerns but does so in a very helpful manner. The office staff are very friendly, accomodating and cheerful! There is no stress or tension apparent. A nice relaxing environment in the office.

Ronda Sept. 3, 2009

I would recommend this dentist for several reasons. First, their office staff is able to work me into their schedule most of the time. If my schedule changes where I am not able to get in for my appointment, Joy works with me to try to find another option. Second, I have taken my eight year old to have her teeth cleaned here. She was nervous all day, but when we arrived all of the staff did whatever they could to make her feel more comfortable. Within minutes, she was talking to the staff and relaxing. She was able to get in and out without any further uneasiness. Finally, I, myself often feel a lot of anxiety when I am supposed to have any type of dental work, unless it is just for a cleaning. To help with this, Dr. Logan offers a set of goggles so patients can view a movie while they are having their procedure. This has really helped me to calm down and think about something else other than what he is doing in my mouth. So yes, I would definately recommend this office. He realizes some patients need that “”extra special”” care when in the dental chair. That is a very comfortable feeling.

Smiling Patient Aug. 28, 2009

When you walk in you immediately feel comfortable. Joy is SUPER sweet and the seating area is decorated as if you were in someone’s beautiful home. You don’t feel like you’re in a doctor’s office at all. My teeth are in fairly good condition, so my biggest fear has always been the dreaded flossing by the hygienist…but Katie is so gentle and sweet. My visits are so quick and painless that I am able to go during my lunch hour AND STILL have time to pick up something to eat after my appointment – true story! I have never liked going to the dentist, nor have I ever recommended one, but I find myself telling people about his practice all the time. I’ll never go anywhere else!

Smiling Patient Aug. 25, 2009

DR. Logan did 2 crowns and several filling plus routine cleanings—all work was done very professionally and painless. very courteious staff and very willing to please would highly recommend to anyone

Smiling Patient Aug. 25, 2009

I have in the past been one of those patients that put off the “”dreaded”” visit as long as I could. After finding Dr. Logan it’s no problem to get myself there. The office is very relaxing with warm inviting colors, and I’ve never had to wait for more than a couple of minutes You will love Dr. Logan and his staff!

hotcoffee18 April 20, 2009

Dr. Logan and his staff were very courteous, professional and made you feel right at home the moment you walked through their doors. My dental service was thorough and time efficient and I left feeling good about my experience and committed to continuing my dental services with Dr. Logan in the future.

Smiling Patient April 20, 2009

I went to Dr Logan based on the recommendation of my wife. Having not seen a dentist for over 9 years, I was somewhat apprehensive. I’m also what some might describe as a difficult patient in that I have an overly strong gag reflex and am generally hyper-reflexive when it comes to anything dealing with my head. Dr Logan and his hygienist Katie did an awesome job of dealing with that. The paperwork prior to the visit was minimal as compared to other doctors. I didn’t have to wait to be seen and the x-rays and cleaning went quickly. I was thinking I might have to do some sort of whitening procedure to deal with some discoloration that has been there for most of my life. Much to my surprise, Katie managed to remove all the discoloration, something no other hygienist has ever done. I was amazed!

kfuller March 3, 2009

I cannot say enough positive things about this office…the staff, the service, the office space, the whole dental experience. Our family has moved three times in seven years and my biggest challenge with each move is getting our family up and running with doctors. I can honestly say that our care with Dr. Logan’s office was one of the BEST customer service experiences with a doctor’s office we have had through the years. Getting set-up with this office was easy and effortless…from Joy scheduling us for our first appointments to her familiarity with our insurance coverage to her help in transitioning records to our new dentist. Dr. and Mrs. Logan were expremely welcoming at our first visit…and all of our visits…and make a great team. The office is efficiently run, appointments are always on time, the environment is very relaxed, and the space is extremely clean. We were also happy with their ability to work so well with our children (14 and 9). It was truly a pleasure for our family to be patients of Dr. Logan’s and his entire staff. This is a fabulous office…just wish we didn’t move again!

D Feb. 11, 2009

I just wanted to write how much I love this Dental Office. Dr. Logan is a wonderful Dentist and is very nice. For the first time in my entire life I am not afraid to go to the dentist. It’s weird but I actually look forward to it now! I just started going to Dr. Logans office in January. I did alot of research on Dentists in my area and he was by far the best I came across. It took alot for me to make the appointment and go. But I am so glad I did. Joy (Receptionist) is wonderful and can help you with any scheduling, insurance or billing questions you have. She is so sweet! Katie the Hygenist is Awesome, she did two deep cleanings on me and my mouth feels so much better. She is very sweet and makes you feel comfortable while she is working on your teeth. I can’t say enough good things about this office. If you are looking for a Dentist in the area and are scared, don’t be! Go see Dr. Logan and his staff, they are just what you want in a Dental Office.

Teddi Jan. 29, 2009

Dr. Login and his staff / wife are absolutly wonderful! Joy’s friendly personality and willing to assist you from your 1st phone call to your visit and greeeting. The atmosphere is calming and doesn’t smell like a dentist office. Katie greets you & is all smiles, sweet and listened to my concerns. Our visits are short and timely, never having to wait & wait. It is pleasant to see all the smiling faces on the wall. The before and after snap shots. Offers a sense of satisfaction and happy customers! We are very pleased with our choice to try Dr. Login & he is even located in our beautiful community! I will recommend this office to all my friends.

Rachel Jan. 9, 2009

I hate the dentist and have been to several different one’s trying to find the best but now my search is over! Dr. Logan is the best. Quick, painless, and the environment is chic but homey, not sterile like most dentist offices. I also hardly had to wait, they didn’t overbook and I was in and out of there and on to work on time!

Macycrew Dec. 11, 2008

Very professional. Very personable. Thorough. Son had a few small cavities filled. No pain, no fear. Well done. Husband, self, and other son have only needed cleanings. Would definetly come back and reccomend to friends.

Jessi Aug. 31, 2008

Dr. Logan and his staff are all fabulous! They are fun, caring and friendly. I’ve always been greeted with a smile and have never had to wait in the waiting room for more than a few minutes. They listen to your concerns, answer your questions thoroughly and make sure their patient’s are comfortable. I have never been so satisfied with a dentist and staff. I recommend him to all my family and friends. Most importantly – my ten year old son feels comfortable with Dr. Logan and even looks forward to getting his teeth cleaned in his office! What more can I say!?

Chris Aug. 3, 2008

The staff at Dr Logans office are the best. They make you feel like you are the only patient they are seeing that day and are assuring in the fact that everything will get done in a quick and pain free manner.

I had a cap pop off a tooth right before I was leaving on vacation and they took me in right away and really made my vacation.

– Chris Moore

Beverly Barsh July 7, 2008

I have been seeing Dr. Logan for about two years for semi-annual checkups and cleaning. I have always been very positively impressed with his knowledge, skill, pleasant personality and excellent “”chairside”” manner. However, when I recently went to see him with an emergency, a chipped tooth, my opinion of him and his entire staff went sky-high! As I am really terrified at the thought of dental work that goes beyond cleaning and X-rays, I was a nervous wreck when I went into the office. But Dr. Logan was reassuring in the nicest way. He described what he was going to do, and assured me it would be painless. He fixed the problem with NO PAIN! He, his assistant and receptionist are all first rate!!!

rcakmon June 24, 2008

This was my first visit to Dr. Logan’s office. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel at ease. Dr. Logan was attentive and not rushed at all. It’s nice to have a dentist that isn’t hurrying to get to the next patient. The receptionist gave me information regarding my next visit and reminded me to call if I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Logan if you want a professional, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere!”,,Katie was very friendly and put me at ease during my x-rays and cleaning. She did a great job and made the cleaning process a breeze!

Wally June 4, 2008

Hi,my daughter and I have been patients of Dr.Logan for 3 years.He is very kid friendly and current of the new and upcoming dental practices.My daughter’s favorite part is when she can watch a movie while getting her teeth fixed.I feel Dr.Logan is a great family dentist.

Chip May 27, 2008

In the last 6 years have been a patient of 3 different dentists. (6 years ago) My first dentist worked on several filings for me. He was a very nice man, but a little unprofessional. At the time I thought that he did good work (although it was painful). A year later when I moved on to another dentist I found out that my previous dentist did sub-par work on my filings. I allowed my new dentist to fix some of the work that had previously been done. I was happy with the work that was provided (and I also learned that dental work did not have to be painful). In fact the only problem that I had with this dentist was his occassional grumpy attitude. 2 and a half years ago my wife prompted me to go to Dr. Logan.

Dr. Logan has provided me with the following:

  1. Quality (Painless) Service on filings, root canal, and crowns.
  2. Friendly Customer Service – Joy (his receptionist) is an angel.
  3. Invaluable Advice – on whether I should get bridgework done or acquire braces. (Note: I got braces)
  4. Model of Constistency – He is always timely, properly groomed, smiling, and ready to go.
  5. Validation – He always values my opinion and lets me know he is interested in me as a person. Grade: A+

– Keith

rcd361 May 19, 2008

I’ve been going to Dr. Logan for the past couple years for my basic dental stuff — cleanings, and a couple fillings.

His office has a very relaxed feel, and his staff are all very kind and knowledgeable, so that I never feel anxious or nervous. Although the atmosphere is relaxed, the office and staff are still very professional and efficient, so that I’m never stuck waiting for long, and my appointments seem to go by quickly. I really appreciate this fantastic blend of relaxation and efficiency Dr. Logan’s office provides.

The quality of care Dr. Logan and his staff provide is also excellent. As I mentioned, everyone is very knowledgeable, and Dr. Logan and his hygienists explain things carefully and clearly, so that you always know what’s going on with your teeth. The facility is very modern, and I really like that Dr. Logan seems very committed to leveraging the latest dental technology for his patients.

To anyone looking for a dentist in the area, I certainly have no reservations about highly recommending Dr. Logan.

Bob May 2, 2008

We were new to the area, needed a dentist, heard of Dr. Logan and made an appointment. We found the staff to be exceptional, the facilities modern and the service excellent. We would highly recommend Dr. Logan and associates to anyone.

Smiling Patient
April 30, 2008

Very friendly, very good at explaining everything that’s going to happen and why. I like that he’s conservative in his treatment plans, but willing to do whatever it takes to ensure healthy teeth and gums. He’s great with kids, too!

notokick April 30, 2008

This was my first visit to Dr. Logan. The office was extremely clean and welcoming. My son especially enjoyed the pond of Coy fish outside of the office.

The staff was friendly, kind and courteous upon my arrival. My appointment was on time, so I did not have to wait. The hygenist was friendly and personable. She did an excellent job on me for my cleaning.

Dr. Logan was very professional and friendly. I look forward to many years of great dental care with Dr. Logan.

jwacholz April 22, 2008

Very friendly and supportive since I haven’t been to a dentist in a while. He didn’t make me feel bad or embarrassed at all. Having moved to the area from another state and having loved my previous dentist, I wasn’t expecting to have such a great experience. I am glad I found Dr. Logan!

Smiling Patient April 13, 2008

My family and I have been going to Dr. Logan for a few years and it is always a pleasant experience. We have been to other dentists in the St. Charles area for years, some good, and some not so good. Dr. Logan and staff are great. Rarely have I had such a short wait when I’m at the appointment. In their case, it’s not a waiting room, it’s a “”get ready to go in”” room. We look forward to years to come with a healthy smile.

Kevin March 22, 2008

From the first time I visited Dr. Logans’s office I knew that we had finally gotten an exceptional dentist into the OFallon area.

The brand new office was warm and inviting and the entire staff was professional and friendly. Because I was needing extensive restoration work I reviewed Dr. Logan’s portfolio of patients and quizzed him extensively about his eduaction and experiance. Although Dr. Logan’s resume is very impressive he was very modest and down to earth, not overly impressed with himself like many dentists. After agreeing to a treatment plan Dr. Logan went above and beyond my expecations by regularly meeting with my orthodontist and oral surgeon. As a busy executive my expectations for results and value can be tough to meet. I have now spent many hours with Dr. Logan and can say that his restoration work turned out excellent and I am treated very well on every visit and all appointments have been on time and efficient. As an adult patient in my 50’s I have seen a lot of dentists and Dr. Logan is the best I have met! I now take my family to Dr. Logan and recommend him highly to everyone, including children.

ashley March 13, 2008

What wonderful service! From the minute I scheduled my appointment by phone, I was taken care of. I was switching dentists and Joy made sure the transition went smoothly.

When I arrived at Dr. Logan’s office the first things I noticed were the cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere. Joy greeted me right away and let me know I would be taken care of shortly. Katie came into the waiting area to introduce herself and walked me back into the patient room.

Equipment and services are top notch and hard to beat. Both Katie and Dr. Logan did an excellent job of asking me about my past dental experiences as well as expectations for future visits.

I was very pleased with my visit and made sure to recommend Dr. Logan’s office to several friends.

eelizabethann March 13, 2008

Dr. Logan has a wonderful staff that was prepared and ready had me today. They had pre-certified me with my insurance prior to my first visit. The staff was kind and professional. Dr.Logan was to the point and pleasant with his evalulation of my tooth. As a patient It is important to have my dental care coordinated so well. I am a busy single Mom, graduate student, and full time RN. So my time is very valuable to my Daughter and I. I also was able to sign up for the Lifetime Whitening Program with Dr.Logan. He had a plan that fit my budget so that I can have a pretty smile for all the patients I serve too.

Thanks Dr.Logan and staff
Sheila Stillie BSN MS and Daughter

Brett March 10, 2008

Dr logan is personable easy to understand and very cautious with his procedures. I did not have any discomfort that i came to expect from other dentists. He is knowledgable and efficient with his time so as a result he is on schedule and prompt when I arrive at the office. I would reccomend Dr. Logan to anyone needing dental work or a new dentist.

Smiling Patient Feb. 7, 2008

I have been a patient of Dr. Logan for a few years since he opened his practice here in O’Fallon. I am very pleased with the level of service and professional care that I receive from Dr. Logan and his staff. I had to have a deep cleaning/scaling proceedure for the treatment of gum disease. I had this same treatment with another Dentist several years ago and it was very painful. I was rather nervous about having this treatment again after my first experience. I was amazed that this time it was so painless. My Hygienist, Katie is the best! Joy is always very friendly and does a great job handling all the insurance and answering questions. Over all I would highly recomment this practice. No pain here!

Colleen Dec. 30, 2007

Dr. Logan and his entire staff are great! My family of 5 have had twice-yearly cleanings and checkups at his office, as well as a few fillings here and there. Dr. Logan is very easy-going and makes everyone feel comfortable.

I had 2 porcelain crowns placed on my front teeth to replace old metal crowns that were over 20 years old, after having Invisalign braces, and the results are fabulous! I’ve since had all of my old silver fillings from my childhood replaced as well, and my teeth are looking great. Dr. Logan, Katie and their entire staff really care about how I look and my satisfaction with my smile.

I had bad experiences with a dentist as a child, so going to the dentist is not my favorite thing. Dr. Logan and his staff, however, have made me feel comfortable and I don’t dread those appointments anymore.

I can’t really comment on the cost because between mine and my husband’s dental insurance, we have pretty good coverage. I will say that Joy in Dr. Logan’s office is always on the ball when it comes to billing and the time periods that we can come in for our appointments to reap the most from our insurance benefits. She definitely takes all of the hassle away from figuring all of that out.

Randy Dec. 10, 2007

Great service, everyone in the office takes pride in what they do and in how they care for their patients

C Legend Sept. 25, 2007

Without a doubt, Dr. Logan is one of the best in his field. He has provided me and my family with the best care, treatment and advice possible. Dr. Logan has a gentle approach and the most amazing thing to me is that you don’t even feel his numbing shots. His office and staff are amazing. I know it’s tough to switch Doctors, but if you switch to Dr. Logan it will be the best move you’ve ever made.

Tina Sept. 10, 2007

In Aug 2006 I had a crown put on by my regular dentist of over 10 years, at that time he filled a tooth next to the new crown tooth. The whole thing was never right from the beginning, for the next year I went back time after time for adjustment, more x-rays, etc. I finally came to the conclusion my dentist was never going to get this problem resolved. A co-worker suggested his dentist, Dr. Logan. I made an appt, I got in very quickly I might add. Dr. Logan sat down and listened to the whole story took some x-rays and told me exactly what he thought the problem was. I needed a crown on the tooth my other dentist had filled, seems he didn’t get enough of the old cavity out before filling and this was causing me great discomfort. Dr. Logan put in the new crown and my problem is solved. I am completely satisfied and impressed with Dr. Logan, his dental hygienist, his receptionist Joy, everyone is friendly, caring and professional. I really appreciate all the help Doctor Logan and his staff have given me.

Smiling Patient Aug. 19, 2007

I have known Dr. Logan for quite sometime. He is exactly what you want in a dentist. He is professional, courteous, to the point, progressive. He does not waste your time and stands behind everything that he does. If you are looking for a dentist you can trust, and will take care of you when you need him, then Dr. Logan is the dentist for you.

I know that the dentist is not the only equation to successful treatment. The staff that work with Dr. Logan are the most professional and courteous individuals that I have dealt with in the dental world. They will help you to feel comfortable and provide for your every concern.

kathyv July 8, 2007

My daughter Hannah chipped off half of one of her front teeth and half of the lateral tooth next to it three years ago. She went to our dentist and had a bonding material applied. The procedure worked, but never looked that great. (Cosmetic dentistry is not our dentists expertise.) The bonding material absorbed stains and eventually became discolored. Hannah became very self conscious about smiling. We shopped around for veneers to replace the bonding and discovered in the process that dentists charge a variety of prices for the same product. A friend recommended Dr. Ed Logan. We decided to let Dr. Logan make the veneers. We discovered his prices were affordable, and his ability as a cosmetic dentist to be phenomenal! He does not accept anything but perfection. The first set of veneers he rejected from the lab. To our eyes, they were okay, but he said no. This caused Dr. Logan extra work at no additional cost to us. In the end Hannah ended up with the most gorgeous smile. He even worked out a payment plan that worked for our family. We highly recommend Dr. Logan. He will give you a beautiful smile and it wont break the bank.

GG June 26, 2007

The office is so nicely decorated and relaxing, the staff really puts you at ease. They are extremely knowledgeable with state of the art equipment. Katie, the hygienist, was efficient and very gentle. Her demeanor is perfect for working on children. It makes going to the dentist an experience I do not dread, but look forward to! Thanks, Dr. Logan!

tab June 26, 2007

My family drives 45 minutes from St. Louis to O’Fallon to go to Dr. Logan’s office because we trust him so much. I have had negative experiences with dentists in the past, including one dentist telling me that I needed an expensive procedure done. I went to Dr. Logan for a second opinion and the x-rays showed that no work was needed. Dr. Logan and his staff have made sure that we are comfortable for every procedure and explain everything well. The staff is friendly and helpful and the office is beautifully decorated and peaceful. I am always able to get an appointment quickly and I haven’t had to wait more than a few minutes in the waiting room. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Logan for your entire family.

Katie Aug. 14, 2005

Dr. Logan’s office is by far the most pleasant dental office I have visited. Dr. Logan took the time to thoroughly explain all my options, but wasn’t pushy about treating me. The procedure was not only painless, but a complete success. I feel much more attractive when I smile! I am confident I have finally found a dentist I can trust to give me honest answers and quality treatment.

Brian Aug. 12, 2005

For the first time in my life, I am not afraid to go to the dentist! Dr. Logan’s team is by far the friendliest and most professional I’ve ever worked with. I have had consistently pleasant visits every time I have had work done. They are also extremely helpful in providing me with the information necessary to improve my oral hygience. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Logan and his team to anyone.

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